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[Hender Scheme] 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection Unveiling

It’s not just the uppers, [Hender Scheme] takes care to put emphasis on the creation process and the story behind their products. Striking the perfect balance between mode and craft, Hender Scheme’s 2016 Autumn/Winter collection is now

Today’s Product : [New Balance x Beams] 1400

The ‘1400’: a beautiful combination of suede and gradation. Trying to properly express natural colors when dyeing leather is honestly a task to be had. However, this collaboration’s delicate shading is a sight to behold. The crazy-fun

Today’s Product : [Black Weirdos] Beach Towel

This 2016 Spring/Summer’s [Black Weirdos] theme is nothing other than “UFO”. Distracted by those folks living over on the West Coast, [Black Weirdos] has visualized a concept of Chicano Aliens and has reproduced their daily style for

Today’s Product : [Hunter] Combat Boots

Essential rain gear you’ll want to pick up in time for the rainy season. Having established itself through fashionable rain boots, [Hunter] offers several types of waterproof footwear for all to enjoy. This time around is no


“EYESCREAM magazine” The July issue 2016 910yen cover photography Muramatsu Kenichi (ltd.,Co 55)

Today’s Product: Striped shirt by [toogood]

English brand [toogood] launched in the 2014 S/S season. This unisex label has shown an undeniable popularity through events such as a special installation at Dover Street Market Ginza last June.

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Today’s Product: Bracelets by [A.P.C.]

While it’s nice that we’re back in short-sleeve season again, only being able to sport a single top can at times be almost as much of a pain as it is comfortable. Fear not, because we have

Today’s Product: Hawaiian Shirts by [Anatomica]

With temperatures on the rise and time to shift into summer mode just around the corner, now is the time to think about Hawaiian shirts. Today we have a slightly different take on the model by [Anatomica].


“EYESCREAM magazine” The June issue 2016 910yen cover photography Yasuyuki Takaki