[White Mountaineering] 2014 Fall / Winter delivery starts on July 19th


One of the brand which lead Tokyo’s contemporary fashion scene, [White Mountaineering]‘s 2014 Fall / Winter Collection will be deliberied from July 19th at the flagship shop in Daikanyama. Putting “DAWN” as its season’s theme, the brand took in its identity “mountain/outdoor” to the urban clothes colored in black, navy and red which put you in mind of the sky changing its color as the sun come out of the horizon.

While the brand has collaborated with big brands such as Soucony and Barbour, the other topic from this season is the first collaboration with SEIKO. While the based model is militaly-taste, whole parts are colored in its season’s main color, and the limited model combined urban atmosphere and sporty taste altogether. The collection will be available on July 26th everywhere in Japan.