“Dank Magazine” from Norway is to release 1st original T-shirts at 1LDK/DEPOT.


Dank Magazine” is a skateboard magazine established in Norway by 3 members; a graphic designer Jorn Aagaard, assistant editor Aksel Overskott and editor-in-chief Eirik Traavik. Since they started the project in 2009, the magazine’s clean and stylish lay-out and photographs for skateboard magazine has appealed new approach towards skateboarding. As they felt there were no magazines which purely focused on skateboard at that time, they decided to publish a proper magazine which has diferent expressions from the normal skateboard journalism visually. Though the magazine has released 6 issues ever, 1LDK/DEPOT. where foreign books and magazines are also sold will finally start to retail the magazine at the store this time. The shirt has minimum graphic and visual design and embodied the concept of the magazine.

【Dank Magazine original T-shirts】
-T-shirt : 7,ooo yen
-Special Pack (T-shirt & 3 copies from the archives) : 10,000 yen