The latest collection from [NIKE TECH PACK COLLECTION]

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  • Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_01_detail
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  • Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Kevin-Prince-Boateng_002

After its first edition was released in 2007, [NIKE SPORTSWEAR] has uncompromisingly pursued the innovative design and exact performance through “NIKE TECH PACK COLLECTION”. The latest collection for this season, they enhanced the items’ mobility by keeping room for the body’s motion and durability in rough wether. Men’s model “NIKE TECH WINDRUNNER”, is an renewed model of a jacket designed in 1978. While protecting your body with a water-proofed iridescent cloth over-lay, the original V-shaped pattern was preserved and still has a bit of classical taste. The “NIKE TECH BUTTERFLY” for women is designed in an elegant silhouette with crossover back hem, dolman sleeves and oblique front zip for a modern feminine look. The championship athletes such as Hotaru Yamaguchi, Serena Williams, Angelica Bengson, Sean Malto and Kevin-Prince Boateng appeared in the campaign visuals and special short clip for the collection. “NIKE TECH PACK COLLECTION” will be retailed on August 21st on, and will be arrived in stores from August 28th