[new balance] Exclusive “CT300″ is to be released on August 30th.

  • NB-CT300-tour_-Hanon-05
  • NB-CT300-tour_-24-Kilates-02
  • NB-CT300-tour_-Firmament-03

[new balance] has led the retro-running boom which has been ongoing in these years. Though the High popularity for “900s” and “1000s” will continue, we recommend you check “CT300″ for this Fall / Winter season. Now 3 select shops from Europe: UK’s “Hanon shop”, Spain’s “24Kilates” and Germany’s “Firmament” created exclusive models based on “CT300″. Each model has its own theme, “Hanon shop” illustrated the image of “Phoenix” with the bright color accents on “CT300PHA”. Spain’s “24Kilates” titled the “CT300PKT” as “Vamos a La Playa”, which means “Let’s go to the beach”, and the sand baige and deep ocean blue reminds us of the tropical beach as the title represent. “CT300PFI” which represents The chic contrast of burgandy and ivory one is designed by “Firmament” whose theme is “Pine sunset”. The exclusive collection will be released on August 30th and will be dealt at BEMAS, OSHMAN’S and mita sneakers in Japan.