NuGgETS’s “glasses bangle”

Summer in Tokyo is as hot and humid as hell. We can’t help going with T-shirts, shorts and flip-flop; far from fashionable styling. Why not try to divert yourself from knee-jerk styling with new accessories?

This NuGgETS‘s Bangle was made from glasses, which are deadstocks from the late 1980s and 1990s. Adding heat on frames by artisan one by one, the appearance looks so bizzare but also unique. The point is that the parts of glasses such as “nose height” or “hinge” are not removed and included as design. You can enjoy Dead stock’s said that thing and the workman’s hand also has the appeal but also can taste each different atmospheres. Size is available in women’s and Men’s size. What about pickin up one as the spice of a summer?