TOKYO NEW OPEN: [.efiLevol] “shop” reborn as new select shop “BIN”

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Though the flagship shop of [.efiLevol] had closed for a while to renew the store, they reborn as a new select shop which is called as “BIN”. Thinking that “nerds are cool”, the store deal with brands such as [.efiLevol] and [THE NERDYS] and lined up items with some playful and effortless style, mixing the tastes of street, trad, sports and authentic tastes. They collect white shirts which represent the nerdy style and ultimate basics inside and outside the country to present their new line “TEE &”. Also the books selected by Shintaro Uchinuma from “B&B”, a bookstore in Shimokitazawa, and the teeth brush which was made by “EDOYA” a brush speciality store which was established in Edo period will be retailed at the store to present the ideas of basics in Japan. “BIN”, which stands for garbage can and a storehoue in Japanese, why don’t you take alook at a stack of various cultural pieces.

1-9-6 Aobadai Meguro-ku, Tokyo
OPEN: 12:00~20:00