[master-piece]‘s 20th Anniversary Cordura Jacquard “POTENTIAL” Series


Japanese baggage label [master-piece], which has celebrated its 20th anniversary with various projects, is going to release another anniversary model on September 1st. They update its standard model “POTENTIAL” with special technology which has never been applied to commercial products. “POTENTIAL” series are originally made with 3-layers cordura nylon, and then they try to weave them into the 3-layer cloths with the jacquard loom for the first time.
Cordura, which is used for tough-made outdoor items, is originally made to enhance the endurance of the cloths and not supposed to be woven with jacquard machine, which is enable to portray complicated patterns and graphics. But the brand dared to challenge the creation as a 20th anniversary’s mission. As a result, they managed to create fashionable and practical enough for the daily lives.