[C.E. × BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS] items will be released in advance at “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT”

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[C.E.] and BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS teams up once again. Thiugh they have released collaboration models, this time the tracksuits and sweatshirts will be released from the brand for the first time. As their collaboration items are all sold out in a few days everytime they are released, we recommend you check the store on “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT”, September 6th. “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT” got well-recognized in Tokyo for past a few years, and now bunch of people head out to the event to seek the limited items and free drinks. The items will be sold in advance at BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS HARAJUKU MEN’S STORE and followingly at BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS SHIBUYA-KOENDORI, SHINSAIBASHI, SAPPORO and UNITED ARROWS NAGOYA.