NEIGHBORHOOD publishes a photobook “THE TOKYO HUNDREDS” to celebrate their 20th Anniversary

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A legendary street wear brand NEIGHBORHOOD, which is beloved not only in japan but all over the world as a symbol of “Harajuku” culture of golden-age in 1990s, entered their 20th year. They will release photobook “THE TOKYO HUNDREDS” on June 27th to celebrate the anniversary.

The photoraphs, which featured their “friends”, from fashion icons to actors, who represent Tokyo culture, were shot by photographer Osamu Nagahama. As spinned-off from portraits series “AGE OF APOCALYPSE” of the brand mook “NEIGHBORHOOD MAG.” which publicated twice a year swince 2005 spring, the photobook recorded NEIGHBORHOOD’s precious memory and the natural beauty of the icons.

Author: Osamu Nagahama
Format: A4 deformation ( 271 × 208 ) paperback 208 pages
Price: 4,000 yen + tax
Publisher: space shower network

■ Featured People * random order
Fumiya Fujii, Tsuyoshi Noguchi (stylist), Goro Takahashi, Kyoko Koizumi , Masakatsu Kawakatsu, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, YO-KING, Tommy Guerrero, Ayanokoji Sho, Kendo Kobayashi, TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET, Kan Takagi, Jun Takahashi (UNDERCOVER), NIGO ®, Kazuki kuraishi(adidas, CASH CA, Heather Grey Wall), Paul Mittkeman (STUSSY), Kunichu Nomura, Naomi Matsushima, etc.

“This selection of personnel, this quality. The photographs which could be achieved only by this person at this time.”
Hiroshi Fujiwara (music producer)

“I didn’t come to like URAHARA till the end of the movement. And yet, colorful memory of the city comes to my mind from the monochrome photographs. URAHARA is full of wonder.”
Kyoichi Tsuzuki (editor)

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