Beams collaborated with Hanes on original 3-pack T-shirts

94b876f1a46da037ab2fe85c74d3da7dHanes, a pioneer of the Pack T-shirts with history of over 100 years, which represents American culture is proud of high popularity in solid but gentle texture, and its timeless authentic products.

This spring, Hanes released Japan’s exclusive new product “Hanes T-SHIRTS Japan Fit”. The T-shirts are designed shorter than conventional Pack T, pinched the armholes, neckline is set thinner according to the contemporary Japanese body and trends. Japanese largest men’s casual boutique, Beams collaborated with Hanes and created the original Japan fit T-shirts with exclusive package and iconic logo on the neck. As Beams, which has big influence on Japan’s fashion scene, has made many trends in its history, this collaboration would become a smash hit of this summer trend.