[NIKE SPORTSWEAR] has released the “SneakerBoot collection”.

  • HO14_NSW_LunarForce1_3QF_M_33314
  • HO14_NSW_Lunarfresh_M_3QF_33315
  • HO14_NSW_AirTrainer_SC_M_3QF_33310
  • HO14_NSW_Lunar_Dome_M_3QF_33312
  • HO14_NSW_AM90_V_M_3QF_33318
  • HO14_NSW_Rosherun_NM_M_3QF_33316

Before winter sets in, you better check the [NIKE SPORTSWEAR]‘s new line SneakerBoot collection.The collection focused on enhancing performance in extreme environmental situation such as bad weather, cold days, or darkness. They are based on the heritage models of basketball and running shoes like NIKE AIR MAX 90, NIKE LUNA FORCE1, NIKE AIR TRAINER SC and so on. Those iconic models are updated for high performance of warmth, visibility and dryness. “SneakerBoot collection” will change your winter.