[N.HOOLYWOOD]×Edition drops their second collaboration item.

  • TA0562
  • TA0563
  • TA0564

[N.HOOLYWOOD EXCHANGE SERVICE] is the popular series of [N.HOOLYWOOD] and it is EYESCREAM.JP’s favorite recommended brand.

The collaborative line consists of four items, including original designed MA-1 for this collection. All of these are made by [N.HOOLYWOOD]‘s sweat fabric with camouflaged print.This camouflaged pattern is the same as that used by the United States Army during the Vietnam War.It’s called BEO GAM pattern and it is a rare pattern.

The designer of [N.HOOLYWOOD] Daisuke Obana is so proud of this piece that he said he wants to wear it himself.[N.HOOLYWOOD]×Edition collaborative line is now available.