Taiwan Kawaii School Girl.

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Now, the girls in Taiwan are very cute.
The photo collection “Taiwan Kawaii School Girl” will be released on December 10th.

This photo collection is the work of renowned photographer Aoiyama Yuki. He created the best-selling SCHOOL GIRLS COMPLEX series. He is famous for his photos of cute young girls.

The Taiwanese girls reflect a simplicity of style that girls in Japan no longer have. For this reason, the photographer chose the girls of Taiwan for his latest collection. Now in Taiwan there has been a boom in the popularity cute girls in high school uniforms. Recently, more than 400,000 people voted to choose the most popular girls’ high school uniform. This event was big on the Internet in Japan too.

The collection gives a fetishic view of the top sixteen cute high school-uniformed Taiwanese schoolgirls. Please enjoy CUTE SCHOOLGIRLS OF TAIWAN.