Shiseido Parlour MILLE-FEUILLE AU CHOCOLAT by [C.E] & Masayoshi Nakajo.

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[C.E.] and Shiseido Parlor have teamed up and created some unique new items that have just been released.

Designer SKATE THING and director TOBY FELTWELL are fond of Shiseido Parlor and go there often.

A limited package design called MILLE-FEUILLE AU CHOCOLAT along with a T-shirt has just been released.

The package design and T-shirt illustrator is the well-known Nakajo Masayoshi. He is famous for his illustrations not only of these items, but also for creating the logo for Tokyo To Gendai Art Museum.

This limited edition T-shirt is now available only at VERSUS TOKYO THE STAGE. This shop is open until February 16 at Isetan Shinjuku ten, Honkan First floor THE STAGE.