[JAM HOMEMADE × STAR WARS] collaboration work.


Many always popular brands have come together with this collaboration work for [JAM HOMEMADE].

This time they’ve teamed up with the creations of STAR WARS.
We will introduce three types of world views reflecting the STAR WARS consciousness.

First there is the light saber motif ring and bangle. The Jedhi color is blue and Shisu’s crimson reflects hatred of the Jedhi.

The beads bracelet features the motif of the Death Star, and sunset on Anakin Skywalker’s desert home planet, Tatoonie.

The immortal words MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU are etched into the germanium setting of this stunning necklace and bangle.

These unique items are scheduled to be released at the end of February. While you are waiting for Episode 7, please check them out at [JAM HOMEMADE].