[MAIDEN NOIR] Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

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[MAIDEN NOIR] has unveiled their Spring/Summer 2015 collection titled ‘Taking from the Land’.

For this season the collection explores the stone and mineral mine fields located in the remote mountains of the North. The mining patterns and the stark monotone colors is beautiful contrast to the devastation created by the act of taking from the land.

These are the interplaying themes underpinning the collection. Fabrics used are a mixture of light synthetic nylon taffeta with cotton fleece to light Egyptian cotton poplin shirtings and bonded nylons. Silhouettes are light and flowing in contrast to the structured suits. The marble prints are colorized on shirts along side geometric grid pattern used on garments throughout the collection.

The Spring 2015 collection is now available through the [MAIDEN NOIR] online shop and at our stockists worldwide.