Exhibition Report: “NO PANTIES” 1st exhibition at CARBON

An anonymous graphic artist NO PANTIES‘ 1st exhibition is being held at CARBON, a casual community bar in Shibuya till July 5th. The underground artist’s LA-inspired cabaret drawings has debuted for the first time.

“NO PANTIES” started drawing picures 3 years ago just for fun. The artist said he/she found the potential to make the enjoyment into art-pieces when he/she traveled to LA and touched with the laid-back background of the culture.

The artist wants to keep its profile unveiled, according to him/her, it is because the subject is just the ART, not the artist itself. Though he/she has never exhibited in public before, some people from overseas who heard about him/her on the Internet already inquire of the artist about collaborating on foreign projects. We recommend you take a look of the upcoming artist’s pieces before it comes out from underground.