TOKYO’s best destination you don’t know.『DIGGIN’ TOKYO』 vol 1: DAVIDE Coffee Stop

In preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games, many places in Tokyo are being redeveloped. Day by day, the excitement in Tokyo increases. In all all kinds of mass media and social network services there is too much information given recommending places to see in the Tokyo area.

Even so, there are still countless interesting places in Tokyo. The new plan 『DIGGIN’ TOKYO』 is that once a month EYESCREAM.JP will find a new place in Tokyo that will be of great interest to our readers. We will present a short film to introduce it.

Tokyo is full of amazing attractions and we can rediscover many unique places.

The first place is DAVIDE Coffee Shop. It is appreciated among cutting edge trendsetters in the city. The shop is at Taitouku Iriya in the Shitamachi district. Even in this area we can discover such an appealing and exciting shop. Tokyo is full of such surprises.

DAVIDE Coffee Stop
2-3-1, Iriya, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0013, Japan