Today’s Choice Item: Nagagi by [Sasquatchfabrix.]

095A4036 copy
60,000 yen + tax
Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

[Sasquatchfabrix.] returns with another one of their ever-unique and painstakingly perfected collections for the 2016 SS season, this time with the theme “Oriental Trail”. Today we show off our pick from the latest lineup, the “Yokosuka Nagagi”.
The nagagi has all but disappeared from everyday apparel today, but [Sasquatchfabrix.] aims to change that with a unique take on a casual nagagi that, as the name implies, mixes in elements of a Yokosuka-style satin baseball jacket with Oriental imagery like dragons, Mt. Fuji, and tigers embroidered on the back. It’s made of cotton sateen blended with rayon, with a key point being the choice of single-tone embroidery.
Being able to roll up the sleeves to show off the white lining further enhances the Oriental vibe. There’s also another version with gold embroidery, so make sure to try the “Yokosuka Nagagi” on for yourself if you spot it in stores.

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