Today’s Product: Shirt & Jacket by [Engineered Garments]


Jacket – 46,000 yen; Shirt – 29,000 yen (both w/o tax)

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

[Engineered Garments] finds new ways to excite us every season. Today we have some of the freshest items from their latest season, this jacket and shirt made of a flashy dark navy fabric printed with gold flowers.
The jacket is an updated version of the label’s classic “Bedford Jacket” work blazer with a slightly longer cut. The shirt, which is available exclusively at Nepenthes and [Engineered Garments] boutiques, is an amazing garment that features three large patch pockets, slits in the sides, and a distinctive relaxed fit that allows it to be worn in place of a jacket.
While both items work just as well on their own, we here at recommend that they be worn together as a set. Both the jacket and shirt are already available in stores, so how about making a trip to Nepenthes this weekend?

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