Today’s Product : Slip-ons by [Blohm]


28,500 yen + tax

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

Sneakers are almost too common a sight around town, so it’s only natural to want to sport something a bit different once in a while. But, once you’re used to the comforts of sneaks, switching over to leather shoes can be an almost impossible task. If this is something that has been troubling you recently, then we recommend these slip-ons by [Blohm].

Their slipper-like “Store Slip” model featuring thin-ridged corduroy uppers are perfect the effortless mood of today, and the “Two-faced Rat” that brings the humor with a comedy/tragedy mask print is also great.

The fact that Jason Dill recently sported a pair doesn’t hurt the idea that [Blohm] slip-ons are must-have footwear this spring. This weekend is the perfect time to rush out and snag some at the nearest [Blohm] boutique.