Today’s Product: GORE-TEX Shell Coat by [nanamica]


94,000 yen + tax

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

While [nanamica] is internationally renowned for their classic soutien collar coats, this season we have another item we would like to showcase in addition to that masterpiece.

The label’s collection this season, themed “cool earth”, features a diverse lineup of materials and styles that possess the expansiveness of natural tones. This madras check shell coat feels particularly appropriate for the spring season. The original pattern has a classic, almost nostalgic mood to it, but functionality has not been neglected thanks to a lining of triple layer cotton GORE-TEX FABRICS, a drawstring in the hem, and pivot sleeves for ease of movement.

This shell embodies the mix of effortless traditional style and cutting-edge performance that has become [nanamica]’s hallmark. High-tech outdoor wear that blends seamlessly into everyday life makes the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe.

TEL: 81-3-5728-6550