[BAL] presents their 2016 S/S lineup

  • BAL-16-SS-001
  • BAL-16-SS-002
  • BAL-16-SS-003
  • BAL-16-SS-004
  • BAL-16-SS-005
  • BAL-16-SS-006
  • BAL-16-SS-007
  • BAL-16-SS-07-1
  • BAL-16-SS-008
  • BAL-16-SS-008-1

  • BAL-16-SS-009
  • BAL-16-SS-010
  • BAL-16-SS-011
  • BAL-16-SS-012
  • BAL-16-SS-013
  • BAL-16-SS-014
  • BAL-16-SS-015
  • BAL-16-SS-016
  • BAL-16-SS-017
  • BAL-16-SS-018
  • BAL-16-SS-019
  • BAL-16-SS-020

[BAL], the brand of Ryusuke Eda and Kentaro Kabaya, unveiled their 2016 S/S collection recently.

The theme this season is “White Roses”.

Drawing inspiration from the White Rose non-violent anti Nazi movement in Germany during World War 2, this collection features a range of items spanning apparel decorated with roses to kung fu and karate jackets that pay homage to the authentic garb of Asia.

The white rose pattern that decorates the main textiles was born of a collaboration with Hiroshi Iguchi, also known by his creative alias “The Bwoy”.

In addition to clothes made with layered looks in mind, you can also find plenty of items created in tandem with labels like [Wild Things], [Porter], [Blanc], and [Tomo & Co]. We can’t wait to get our hands on this gear!

Tokyo-to, Meguro-ku, Gohongi 3-17-7 DS
TEL: +81-3-6452-3913
Hours: 14:00-21:00