Today’s Product – Blouson by [Gosha Rubchinskiy]


52,800 yen + tax

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

[Gosha Rubchinskiy] has gained a massive following on the street scene as one of the prophets of emergent culture in the post-Soviet era. Today we’ve got one of the hottest pieces from the label’s 1984-themed 2016 S/S collection.

This amazing fluorescent lime green blouson has proven to the most eye-catching item in this season’s lineup. It’s got a futuristic vibe that blends nostalgic details with the type of color scheme we’ve come to expect from [Gosha Rubchinskiy] and an interesting combo of materials. At first glance it might like a bit much, but once you get hooked on Rubchinskiy’s unique style there’s no going back.

You can dig through all the 80s vintage you want, but you won’t anything with sense like this masterpiece from [Gosha Rubchinskiy].