Today’s Product – Hoodie by [Palace]


¥17,000 + tax

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

London skate brand [Palace] continues their takeover of the Tokyo street scene with their eye-catching triangular logo. Having skillfully combined the ideologies of London’s street and skate culture, this label boasts a strong following not only among skaters worldwide but also with artists and apparel insiders.
The [Palace] lineup this season is once again full of items decked out with bold graphics. Our sure bet from the selection is this sharp hoodie with a speedy looking “P” and roadrunner printed on the chest and back.
It’s a bit familiar yet fresh, uncool yet cool – all in all a distinctive flavor that only [Palace] pulls off right. While their recycle mark and smoke prints have proven to be their most popular looks, sometimes it’s best to take a step off the beaten path.