Today’s Product : [Hunter] Combat Boots


26,000 yen + tax

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

Essential rain gear you’ll want to pick up in time for the rainy season. Having established itself through fashionable rain boots, [Hunter] offers several types of waterproof footwear for all to enjoy. This time around is no different as [Hunter] has released upon us their newest creation.

Rugged lace ups draped in water-repellant fabric and supported by waterproof rubber, these solid black boots give off a solid modern look. The military flair makes for simple fashion coordinating as well.

Taking it a step further though, these well crafted boots are not only ruggedas all hell, but provide the type of cushioning you’d expect from [Hunter]. Thethick insoles offer up proper cushioning to reduce the burden on your feet and to increase overall comfort. A level of comfort which all gentlemen are on the lookout for. These are definitely a pair of rain shoes you’ll want to pick up.

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