Today’s Product : [New Balance x Beams] 1400

18,000 yen + tax

18,000 yen + tax

Searching for sneakers with impact is simple enough. Same with searching for basic – or essentially bland – shoes. But, trying to find a pair with both impact and a sense of timelessness? Good luck . . . until now. [Beams] has teamed up with [New Balance] to deliver a special edition pair meeting both criteria.

The ‘1400’: a beautiful combination of suede and gradation. Trying to properly express natural colors when dyeing leather is honestly a task to be had. However, this collaboration’s delicate shading is a sight to behold. The crazy-fun pattern has adopted an intriguing left right asymmetry, while offering a unique flavor. Utilizing a simple color base, these shoes can undoubtedly be sported for years to come.

Ushering in [Beams]’ 40th anniversary, these sneakers are for those in a playful mood. And we respect that. The tongue is embroidered with an orange 40, making this special edition a one of a kind pair of sneakers.

[Beams]’ branches and Beams Online Shop is currently accepting orders. Check out the below link info for more information and pre-order while you still have the chance.