[Hender Scheme] 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection Unveiling

  • 1-tirolean-black
  • 2-vostok-khaki-gray
  • 3-peel-gore-black
  • 5-zook-gray
  • 6-new-standard-loafer-black
  • 7-fabric-fabre-denim
  • 8-cheak-white
  • 9-old-end-Ridgeway
  • 10-slouchy
  • 11-mip-14-natural
  • 12-all-purpose-shoulder-bag-black
  • 13-dust-box
  • 14-mouton-tulip-hat-beige
  • 15-pig-apron-beige
  • 16-shaker-oval-box
  • 17-dylan-mobile-kit

It’s not just the uppers, [Hender Scheme] takes care to put emphasis on the creation process and the story behind their products. Striking the perfect balance between mode and craft, Hender Scheme’s 2016 Autumn/Winter collection is now available.

This season’s theme:

Concavity meets Convexity

Check out their official page to get more information about the entire ‘16 AW collection and the details behind each product.

Hender Scheme