Legendary Photographer Collaboration: Sex Pistols Photo T Now on Sale

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Big Silhouette 12,500 yen + tax
Regular Silhouette 11,000 yen + tax
Sweat 26,000 yen + tax

Designer Yuuichi Kuroda is at it again. Establishing his brand through the idea of “the fusion of music and clothes”, [LAD MUSICIAN] has collaborated with legendary photographer Dennis Morris for the first time in 10 years to produce a line up of photo T’s. All of which hits the shelves on June 25 th .

This upcoming 2016 AW’s season theme is “Unknown Anarchism”. To bring this abstract concept to life, Dennis Morris provided photos of Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten. The photos of the originators of punk were scanned to high quality perfection and blown up to the largest size possible. The severity and impact from that period’s anarchism is reflected in their eyes, bringing a certain level of realism to the collection.

The T’s come in regular and large sizing with a 3 to 6 color variation depending on the pattern (white, navy, beige grey, nude, dark khaki, and pink). Also, sweats are planned to hit the shelves this coming September. If you like music, this is a must have item. Don’t let this opportunity slide by.

Tokyo, Shinjuku-ward, Shinjuku 3-31- 6-1F

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