Today’s Product: [Ten-C] Hooded Jacket


112,000 yen + tax

Photo:Shuhei Nomachi

“The generation of ‘design only’ and ‘function only’ has come to an end. I want to make clothes that you can wear up ‘til your deathbed.” Creating with said concept in mind, [Ten-C] has spent 3 years concocting, 2 years creating, and 5 years in total to produce “Anorak”

The former charisma designer over at [Stone Island], the man behind [Ten-C] has worked together with Japanese businesses to develop original fabrics. From the selection of threads to processing to garment manufacturing, there’s a “Made in Italy”’ sartoria’s mentality and feel resonating throughout his final products.

It’s the world’s first high-density nylon Ventile cloth. Not only does it completely protect against the cold, wind, and rain, but also the fabric shapes to your body. That said though, the fabric breathes remarkably well. Perhaps that’s why the Italian military uses this fabric for its forces while making proper use of its high functionality.

True to the brand’s nickname – The Emperor’s Clothing – this anorak is a must have and today’s pick.