The second [Kanye West x A.P.C.] collection is to released on July 17th

  • COAPF-H02251_JAC_00
  • COAPF-H08108_JAC_00
  • COAPG-H02230_IAH_00
  • COAPH-H08109 _IAF_00
  • COAPI-H09057_IAL_00
  • COAPI-H12159_IAL_00
  • COAPJ-H26250_JAC_00
  • COAPJ-H26284_AAB_00
  • COAPK-H27159 _IAK_00
  • COARA-H30028_JAC_00
  • COART-H09057_AAE_00
  • WOABW-H23322_PKB_00
  • WPAAB-H23316_AAE_00
  • WPAAB-H23317_IAK_00
  • COAPF-H02229_JAC_00
  • WOABX-H25025_JAC_00

The sensational capsule collaboration which came out last year, [Kanye West x A.P.C.] will be come back again. The collection will be released on July 17th in Japan.

The pieces are unveiled and Look like the stuffs Kanye’s been wearing lately – long, military-style jackets with shawl fur collar and tunic-style shirts. Of courese there will be simple and practical items in A.P.C. style; casual knitwear, denim shirts and skinny (super-skinny) jeans, too.

Swiss Army parka, $1,015 (also available without fur, $605)
Army pants, $385
Bomber jacket, $780
Biker pants, $415
Kanye jeans, $280
Work shirt, $265
Camo T-shirt, $150
Plain T-shirt, $90
Patched sweatshirt, $180
Parka with fur, $2,865
Army sweater, $325
Airport sweater, $340