[WHIZ LIMITED] 14th anniversary guerrilla collection

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As the designer Hiroaki Shitano announced on his blog, Tokyo-based brand WHIZ LIMITED has its 14th anniversary on July 6th. They release rimited items suddenly to celebrate their anniversary on the same date of every year, and the new annual collection, which is named “Story to generations” after the brand’s concept has arrived on last Sunday.

Besides the regular product for the anual collection; Mickey Mouse motif T-shirts and indigo baseball cap in collaboration with New Era® (both also available in kid’s size), T shirts which was printed the icon of the brand “76★” on, and was released when the brand has established, has also lined up.

And also, they teamed up with Japanese legendary sneaker shop “mita sneakers” and created Puma’s representative mid-tech running model “TRINOMIC XT2″, which were colored in vivid colors based on the theme of 14S/S collection “ODELAY”.