[rag & bone] 2015 Spring / Summer Men’s Collection


NY based brand from Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, [rag & bone] showed their collection for 2015 Spring / Summer collection at DIA Center of New York on July 9th.

Instead of holding a runway show, rag & bone portrayed their friends of various field, from basket ball player to comedian, to express the brand’s identity “Personality”. Not only did the designers, Marcus and David also appear in the campaign, but their wives Glenna Neece and Gucci Westman appeared as models, which meant to appeal to women that women could take the brand’s men’s clothes to styling of women. Make-up is done by Gucci Westman, Tomo Jidai took charge of hairdressing.

【rag & bone MEN’S SS15 RUN OF SHOW】
LOOK 1 Jack Webb
LOOK 2 , 8 , 14 Ethan James Green
LOOK 3 Gerald Decock
LOOK 4 , 5 Duffy
LOOK 6 Gucci Westman
LOOK 7, 13 Paul Boche
LOOK 9, 10 Jerry Seinfield
LOOK 11 Glenna Neece
LOOK 12, 21, 25, 29 Yuri Pleskun
LOOK 15 Andreea Diaconu
LOOK 16, 17 Carmelo Anthony
LOOK 18 Colin Spoelman
LOOK 19, 22 Nigel Godrich
LOOK 20, 36 Honor Titus
LOOK 23, 31 Camille Rowe
LOOK 24 Glen Luchford
LOOK 26 Alex Macwatt
LOOK 27 Lucy Chadwick
LOOK 28 Fabrice Penot
LOOK 30 Lincoln Pilcher
LOOK 32 Glenn O’Brien
LOOK 33 David Haskell
LOOK 34 Sean Cunningham
LOOK 35 Ben Lovett

LOOK-001 (コピー)

LOOK-002 (コピー)

LOOK-003 (コピー)

LOOK-004 (コピー)

LOOK-005 (コピー)

LOOK-006 (コピー)

LOOK-007 (コピー)


LOOK-009 (コピー)

LOOK-010 (コピー)

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LOOK-020 (コピー)

LOOK-021 (コピー)

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