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“PLAN B” : Brought to You by [SPACE SHOWER TV x BEAMS]

SPACE SHOWER TV and BEAMS have teamed up to produce "PLAN B"– a new TV program airing Fridays at 8:57 pm.

Today’s Product : [New Balance x Beams] 1400

The ‘1400’: a beautiful combination of suede and gradation. Trying to properly express natural colors when dyeing leather is honestly a task to be had. However, this collaboration’s delicate shading is a sight to behold. The crazy-fun

The “Tulsa” collection by [Larry Clark for BEAMS]

Tulsa was the first work of renowned photographer Larry Clark in 1971. While it’s already common knowledge among fans that handwritten notes made during the production of Tulsa were found recently. What might be new info, though,

[Diaspora skateboards × VAINL ARCHIVE] at BEAMS T

Diaspora skateboards and [VAINL ARCHIVE] have teamed up with a collaborative collection which starts September 27th at all BEAMS T stores. T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and crew sweaters with the “Magic clock” icon of Diaspora skateboards are offered.

Tokyo New Open: Pop-up shop “HIGH & KICKS” produced by BEAMS

As we have already reported the news of the opening as one of the biggest topic of this summer, BEAMS’ new pop-up shop “HIGH & KICKS” opened at BEAMS HARAJUKU on August 22nd. Even though they put

BEAMS’ Brand New Pop-up shop “HIGH & KICKS” is to Open on August 22nd

“1990s” has continuously been one of the big fashion trends for upcoming season and now, BEAMS, one of the largest and most influential select shops in Japan, announced that they would open a brand new pop-up shop

“JoJo’s Bizarre Hoodie” Pre-order on Beams Online

Beams’ alternative label “MANGART”, which specialized on subcultures such as Manga and video games, is going to release a limited hoodie collaborating with one of the Japanese masterpiece comic from Hirohiko Araki “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. They featured

Beams collaborated with Hanes on original 3-pack T-shirts

Hanes, a pioneer of the Pack T-shirts with history of over 100 years, which represents American culture is proud of high popularity in solid but gentle texture, and its timeless authentic products. This spring, Hanes released Japan’s