[Nike] 2014 Tech Fleece Aeroloft Collection.

  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_03
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_04
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_Main
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Yamaguchi_001
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Yamaguchi_002
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Yamaguchi_007
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Azarenka_004
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Boateng_008
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Bouchard_001
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_George_009
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Hernandez_003
  • Ho14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Perri_004

[NIKE SPORTSWEAR] will release the “Nike 2014 Tech Fleece Aeroloft”. “Nike Tech Fleece” which is the typical model of “Nike Tech Pack”, merged their latest apparel innovation with “Nike Aeroloft”.
Fleece and down is the standard for autumn and winter, but also a functional material for sports and outdoor activities.These weather-appropriate materials have been improved for athletes. It is warm, comfortable, and extremely lightweight.The collection consists of a parka for women and a “windrunner” for men. It’s the best wear for this winter season.