[NOWHAW] 2015 Autumn / Winter Collection.

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  • 02daylong
  • 08woksw
  • 07wokop
  • 06wok
  • 05shhh
  • 04kung-fu
  • 03dayone

The idea is that the first priority of “Good Pajamas” is that they should be comfortable to sleep in. With this belief, the [NOWHAW] 2015 Autumn / Winter Collection has now been released.

In this collection, they are particular about using only 100% natural material. The item attracting the most attention is the denim pajamas “day one” by ALL IN ONE.These are overall type pajamas. The pajamas come with MIX CD entitled Music to Listen to at Bedtime.

There are three t-shirts in one package. The name of this package is “sleepy 3p tee”. And there is also the “yes no pillow”. This is a line up of unique gifts that everyone would enjoy.