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The ultimate outdoor wear from [MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR SPECIALLY FOR N. HOOLYWOOD] has finally started up. Not only people from Japan, but people from abroad and all over are interested in the new goods from [MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR] and [N.HOOLYWOO] in this cooperative project with [MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR SPECIALLY FOR N.HOOLYWOOD]. Everyone has been waiting for this debut, and finally it’s here.

It is the 20 year anniversary of [MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR] and the 15 year anniversary of [N.HOOLYWOOD]. This marks a turning point for both outfits. And it marks a new start of the evolution for both too. [MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR SPECIALLY FOR N.HOOLYWOOD] ‘s new first collection includes an eight piece line-up of exciting items. This is the ultimate outdoor city-type wear made up of the highest quality finished items.